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Big Data Analytics and Solutions Advice

About Be First Insights

Welcome to Be First Insights. Here you will find analysis, research and knowledgeable advice from leading experts.

2.May 2018

Multi-Location Data Management Is a Competitive Advantage

A multi-location data management strategy is a must for companies with data spread across different locations.

1.May 2018

How to Overcome Cybersecurity Challenges
With AI

When it comes to cybersecurity challenges, CIOs must aim for a progressive approach, where AI is applied at the right level for the business.

16.April 2018

Three Things Every Business Should Know About the GDPR

Are you ready for the GDPR? Here are three things every business owner should know.

11.April 2018

Five Common Big Data Myths

Don’t let big data myths keep your organization from unlocking the full potential of business intelligence and advanced insights.

10.April 2018

The Challenges of Global Data Management

Here’s how businesses can best address their increasing global data management challenges and solidly position their companies for future growth.

5.April 2018

Three Speakers You Don’t Want to Miss at DataWorks Summit Berlin 2018

DataWorks Summit Berlin 2018 is April 16 to 19. Here are three keynote speakers not to miss. Register for DataWorks Summit Berlin today.

21.March 2018

How Advanced Is Your Data Management System?

How advanced is your data management system? Where does your system sit on the maturity scale? Here’s how to answer both of these questions.

15.March 2018

IT Decision-Makers Must Focus on the Importance of Big Data Staffing

The importance of big data staffing will only increase as technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning grow rapidly.

14.March 2018

How Big Data in Aviation Is Transforming the Industry

The role of big data in aviation is growing. Today, airlines must be as good at managing data as they are at managing planes and passengers.

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