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11.January 2018

Startups Can Leverage Big Data for Big Results

To be competitive, modern startups must leverage big data. By gaining insights into customers or their own operations, they can stand out and make waves.

10.January 2018

Three Predictions About the Future of Big Data in 2018

Is your enterprise ready for the future of big data? Here are three predictions about what 2018 will hold and how you can prepare.

9.January 2018

How Companies Are Using Big Data for Social Good

Companies around the world are using big data for social good by connecting people with better healthcare or teaming up to solve social issues.

3.January 2018

Big Data Analytics and Better Modeling Are Changing the Mortgage Industry

With the help of big data analytics, businesses in the mortgage industry can better assess risk and make faster decisions about loan applications.

28.December 2017

A Look Back at Big Data Trends That Shaped 2017

The big data trends that impacted 2017 centered around new technologies, laws on security and governance, and learning to use resources efficiently.

28.December 2017

How the Hospitality Industry Leverages Data Analytics for Optimization

In the hospitality industry, hotels are using big data to change how they market to customers and improve their stay so much that they keep on coming back.

27.December 2017

The Powerful Partnership of Big Data and Social Media Campaigns

Big data and social media analytics, which demystify the customer, should have a major influence on digital marketing efforts.

22.December 2017

Big Data and Smart Cities: An Answer to Mass Urbanization

Big data and smart cities may be the answer to helping the public sector cope with the ongoing trend of mass urbanization.

21.December 2017

The Advantages of Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology represents a fundamental shift in how data is shared. With this open and transparent method, businesses can feel more secure.

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