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Be First Insights

About Be First Insights

Welcome to Be First Insights. Here you will find analysis, research and knowledgeable advice from leading experts.

17.August 2017

Flexible Support Services Are the Way of the Future

Flexible support services for enterprises adjust to fluctuating workloads and on-premises, cloud, and hybrid infrastructures.

15.August 2017

Avoid Incomplete Data With a Smart Enterprise Strategy

Find out how a smart, enterprise-wide data management strategy, focusing on Hadoop, can defeat the problem of incomplete data.

10.August 2017

EDW Modernization Is Not a Rip-and-Replace Project

Legacy EDWs inform business decisions but often fail to combine new data with historic data. EDW modernization solves just that.

9.August 2017


Traditional data flow providers have proven to be expensive, inflexible, and unable to meet the demands of many real-time streaming data sources. For a modern enterprise looking to unlock the value of their existing data assets and integrate the latest streaming analytics, it’s vital to choose a data flow provider that’s flexible enough to handle […]

8.August 2017

Utilizing Big Data Is the Key to Your Industrial Competitiveness

How can you take a more strategic approach to utilizing big data and its insights as they pertain to your industry?

5.August 2017

What the Right Data Flow Provider Can Offer

Here’s how the right data flow provider can increase your enterprise’s efficiency.

20.July 2017

Data As a Core Competency Is Not Just an IT Issue

Data as a core competency is a business issue that requires sponsorship from the top down. Here’s how to make your business more data competent.

18.July 2017

Big Data in Insurance: How Analytics Will Change the Game

Find out how using big data in insurance will transform the way companies assess and manage risk.

13.July 2017

Big Data in Oil and Gas: Drilling Down for Insights

The energy sector has been slower to embrace new technologies, but now companies are beginning to use big data in oil and gas applications.

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