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Be First Insights

About Be First Insights

Welcome to Be First Insights. Here you will find analysis, research and knowledgeable advice from leading experts.

22.June 2017

How Customer Data Management Can Empower Retailers Through a Single View

Retailers should leverage customer data management to create a powerful single view of their customers.

22.June 2017

Building a Big Data Infrastructure Without Breaking the Bank

Companies looking to build big data infrastructure without breaking the bank should consider cloud computing.

20.June 2017

Data Protection Takes Center Stage With the GDPR

Here’s what you should know about how the EU is embracing data protection with its newest regulation on big data.

7.June 2017

6 Reasons to Leverage Cloud Technology

Here are the top six reasons to leverage cloud technology for your big data processing jobs.

6.June 2017

Start Thinking About Your Data Needs Now: 7 Steps to Success

Think carefully about the data needs of your organization, and then get started on a journey to digital transformation with these seven steps.

6.June 2017

Utilizing Big Data: How to Gain Those Elusive Actionable Insights

Many organizations aren’t utilizing big data effectively. The solution: better data analysis tools that enable companies to uncover actionable insights.

24.April 2017

Spurring Innovation and Business Growth with an Open Source Approach

Companies continue to invest large amounts of money, with spending on big data and business analytics expected to grow to more than $187 billion in 2019, according to International Data Corporation. However, the return on investment can be mixed, so it’s important to make the most of your big data initiatives—and an open source approach can help. […]

13.April 2017

Four Trends in Artificial Intelligence That Affect Enterprises

Andrew Ng, the renowned data scientist, has said that artificial intelligence (AI) needs to be a company-wide strategic decision. Companies that don’t strategically invest in AI will slowly lose market share to companies whose core businesses are built around AI. AI enables the prediction, planning and automation of a variety of tasks, and for enterprises, […]

13.April 2017

Big Data and Business Intelligence Can Help Your Organization Unlock Actionable Insight

Executives who take a tight grip on big data and business intelligence have a competitive advantage over their rivals.

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