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About Be First Insights

Welcome to Be First Insights. Here you will find analysis, research and knowledgeable advice from leading experts.

17.October 2017

Data Science Makes Insights More Accessible by Lowering the Barrier to Entry

Not everyone understands how to utilize data science, but they know it’s important. Adopt easy-to-use strategies to promote a data-focused culture.

9.October 2017

Cloud Solutions Unlock New Potential for These Three Industries

Cloud solutions are a necessity for modern businesses to make the most of their big data analytics.

2.October 2017

Empowering Big Data in Energy Sector Operations

Utility companies can benefit from the insights gained from big data in energy consumption and generation. Here’s what you should know.

15.September 2017

Data-Protection Efforts Must Prepare for Destruction-of-Service Attacks

When organizations plan their data-protection efforts, they must consider a new form of cyberattack: destruction of service. Learn more here.

14.September 2017

As Threats Multiply, AI Holds Promise for Cyber Defenses

By utilizing AI technology and single view analytics, organizations can ensure better defenses when it comes to cybersecurity.

13.September 2017

Bondi Beach Isn’t the Only Reason to Go to Sydney Next Week: 3 DataWorks Summit/Hadoop Summit Keynotes to Attend

At the DataWorks Summit/Hadoop Summit, these three keynote speeches on the future of analytics and its use in business are absolutely must-see.

1.September 2017

The Latest Data Management Solutions Scale With Any Enterprise

One of the most successful data management solutions is the big data platform. Learn about its benefits.

1.September 2017

Creating a Data-Driven Culture Is Crucial to Your Analytics Success

To make the most of the knowledge they hold, businesses must create a data-driven culture. Here are five best practices to follow.

31.August 2017

Open Source Analytics Tools Can Unlock Your Data

Open source analytics tools can revolutionize the way that you look at your business data.

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