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January 10, 2018 | Rob Bearden | Executive Desk

2017 Year In Review

January 5, 2018 | Guest Author | Webinar, Webinar/Event

4 essential steps for managing sensitive data in your data lake

January 4, 2018 | Michael Lin | Thought Leadership, Hortonworks Case Study

Applying Big Data Streaming Analytics in the Real World


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2017 Year In Review

A new year is upon us, bringing refreshed optimism and new resolutions for many looking to the 12 months ahead. I’ve spent the holiday break reflecting on our past year and wanted to take a moment to share with you the tremendous confidence I have for our company and what we can achieve in 2018. […]

By: Balaji Ganesan, CEO of Privacera How to leverage data discovery, control, anonymization and monitoring using Privacera, Apache Atlas and Ranger Data is growing in data lakes, so are security and compliance risks. These risks stem from storing and processing sensitive data. Forrester defines toxic data (its definition of sensitive data) as a combination of […]

IoT, the Internet of Things, has been a buzzword for the past five years. Literally everyone across all industries – business executives, line of business owners, operation staff, mechanical engineers, even retail marketers – has been eyeing the benefits and market opportunities IoT initiatives can bring. Yet there are so many points of view on […]

Understanding the basic functions of the YARN Capacity Scheduler is a concept I deal with typically across all kinds of deployments. While Capacity Management has many facets from sharing, chargeback, and forecasting the focus of this blog will be on the primary features available for platform operators to use. In addition to the basic features […]

The manufacturing industry is experiencing major changes as we enter into a fourth “Industrial Revolution” driven by the data tipping point. This new revolution is transforming the interactions humans have with technology, offering unique opportunities and challenges to companies across all industries. Visionary manufacturers look to capture and manage massive amount of Internet of Things […]

Top Hortonworks Blogs from 2017

As 2017 comes to an end we can all (hopefully) take a quick breather and prepare for the new year. Whether this means going offline and digital free, binge watching the shows you have been stockpiling, or something in between, we hope you have the opportunity to do a little bit of reading.   To […]

Recently I had the opportunity to participate in a joint webinar with Mark McKinney, Director Enterprise Analytics at Sprint and Sanjay Vyas, CEO and founder of Diyotta. During the webinar, Mark shared a number of his learnings on this journey to modernize Sprint’s Data Architecture. What became very clear in the conversation was that becoming […]

It’s been an incredible year for Hortonworks, and it’s only been possible because of our customers! We’ve seen our customers accomplish remarkable achievements across every industry. Throughout the year, we’ve featured a number of these stories, including the challenges that were being faced and the results that were achieved. Here is a look back, at […]

Last week we hosted a webinar with Sprint about the company’s data modernization journey. The presentation centered around the company’s business drivers, key success factors, and challenges faced along its journey. A few weeks back I wrote about how the increase in data is driving us towards a data tipping point. This explosion of data […]

On November 16, we hosted the Modernize your Existing EDW with IBM Big SQL and Hortonworks Data Platform webinar with speakers from Hortonworks, Carter Shanklin and Roni Fontaine, and IBM, Nagapriya Tiruthani. The webinar provided an overview of how organizations can modernize their existing data warehouse solutions to easily offload data into Apache Hadoop and […]

One of the greatest challenges facing governments around the world is how to provide their citizens with effective and affordable healthcare. This is in fact a highly complex set of problems with multiple causes and a variety of actions needed in response. Happily, advances in technology are holding out the promise of addressing the challenge. […]

In today’s world, most people are glued to their cell phones 24/7. This makes our mobile devices a powerful source of information for marketers. Many marketers look at this data at an app-level, but that doesn’t offer a full view of a brand’s ideal customer. While certain insights regarding behaviors and locations can be gained […]

IBM’s Data Science Experience (DSX) comes in multiple flavors: cloud, desktop, and local. In this post we cover an IoT trucking demo on DSX local, i.e. running on top of Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP). We train and deploy a model, and then we use that model to score simulated incoming trucking data in Apache NiFi. […]

Last week was the Big Data London conference, billed as the largest analytics event in the UK.  The theme for the week was a call to arms for UK businesses to ready themselves for the fourth industrial revolution.  Britain was the birthplace of the first industrial revolution with advances to manufacturing processes from hand-made to […]

In today’s world, every business is a data business. Without the insights from data, companies risk being left behind by their competitors. Technology continues to advance at an ever-increasing pace, and this generates more and more data. This increase meant that legacy technology was no longer sufficient and necessitated the use of Big Data. While […]

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