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March 16, 2018 | Matt Spillar | Hadoop Ecosystem

Manufacturing Industry Use Cases, Challenges, and Strategies for Dealing with Huge Data Volumes

March 16, 2018 | Tracey Jones | Webinar/Event

IBM and Hortonworks Partnership Highlighted at IBM THINK 2018!

March 15, 2018 | Piet Loubser

IT Decision-Makers Must Focus on the Importance of Big Data Staffing


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Last month, we held the most recent Manufacturing and Transportation Customer Community call. These calls occur a couple times per quarter and act as an opportunity for leaders in both the manufacturing and transportation industries to have a roundtable discussion regarding use cases, business challenges, and best practices. Industry communities are collaborative, industry-focused communities that […]

Hortonworks and IBM’s partnership has brought multiple joint solutions for Global Data Management to the market. From HDP on Power Systems and Spectrum Scale Storage which provides customers fast access to data and a cost-effective platform for running their big data workloads; to building joint solutions for data scientists and business leaders with HDP and […]

The importance of big data staffing will only increase as technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning grow rapidly.

Disruption is affecting insurance, and machine learning is both the cause of and the cure for that disruption.

We’re excited to announce that we’ll be hosting an upcoming webinar with Trimble Inc on April 3rd! TMW Systems, now a part of Trimble Transportation Enterprise, is a leading provider of enterprise software to over 2,000 transportation and logistics companies. TMW’s solutions address every aspect of for-hire and not-for-hire, asset and non-asset based operations. With the […]

Last week, I had the opportunity to not only attend the Gartner Data & Analytics Summit in Dallas, TX but also deliver a talk on “Driving Digital Transformation through Global Data Management”. It was a very timely topic given that a major focus area in the event was Data Management. Digital Transformation, as a term, […]

If I asked a question about the benefits in optimizing Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) with Apache Hadoop, from my own experience, 9 out of 10 responses had to do with either data archiving or the reservation of high-performance EDW processing capability. Ultimately the conversation led to cost-savings measures: lower storage, computational, and software licensing costs, […]

My name is Carolyn Duby. I am a Solutions Engineer, a cybersecurity and data-science expert, and the president of Women @ Hortonworks. My career as a software engineer began in what was at the time a forward-thinking high school that offered computer programming classes. My relationship with coding, however, got off to a rocky start. […]

Open source software is driving the IoT and AI, contributing to the development of edge-based IoT equipment and the evolution of back-end analytics tools.

Guest blog written by Steve Roberts, Power Big Data Offering Manager, IBM Until now, organizations looking to get the most business value possible from big data have focused primarily on deploying cost-efficient storage and performing deep analytics across diverse data sources. However, the rules of the game are changing: the growing volume of Internet of […]

Announcing Cloudbreak 2.4

We are excited to announce the immediate availability of the Cloudbreak 2.4 GA release. This release includes many enhancements to help the enterprise deploy and run Hortonworks platforms in the cloud. Cloudbreak puts your company well on its way to harness the agility of cloud for big data workloads. Here is just a sampling of the enhancements New […]

We’re less than two months away from DataWorks Summit Berlin (April 16-19)! We have a number of impressive keynote and breakout speakers lined up. One of these speakers is Nicolette Bullivant, Head of Data Engineering at Santander within the Big Compute and Storage track. Santander UK is one of the UK’s leading personal financial services […]

Background Edge collection helps companies leverage near real-time analysis of IoT data. Apache NiFi enables ingestion, routing, transformation, and mediation of data with bidirectional communication and end-to-end data provenance. The MiNiFi C++ agent complements Apache NiFi. The MiNiFi C++ agent collects sensor data at the edge and executes across your IoT infrastructure. This is called […]

Check in with pretty much any IT decision maker at a large organization, and chances are that one of their big strategic priorities of the last few years has been crafting and executing a cloud strategy. From many perspectives, it makes sense. For one thing, managing infrastructure is hard. And pretty much everyone except Amazon, […]

I’m Raksha Jayaraj, an Engineer from Bangalore. I joined Hortonworks in early 2017 from another technology company called National Instruments. Being a technophile, I have always been keen on working with the impact that technology makes on everyday life. From selling cutting edge technology in Emerging Markets to working on retaining customers in a Developed […]

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