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January 18, 2019 | Abhas Ricky

Sampling the Zeitgeist: Fresh Findings From DataWorks Summit 2018

January 15, 2019 | Robert Hryniewicz

Develop Deep Learning Skills in Your Organization With These Use Cases

January 14, 2019 | Priyanka Nagwekar | Del equipo Dev

Open Hybrid Architecture Initiative: Game Changing User Experience Powering the Cloud Native Journey


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Hortonworks’ DataWorks Summit 2018 events have offered a unique opportunity for attendees to sample the technology zeitgeist.

There is a common misconception that you need a PhD or high level of technical expertise to use deep learning—that’s not necessarily the case. Employees with basic mathematical aptitude can develop deep learning skills.

This is part seven of an on going series about the Open Hybrid Architecture Initiative. You can learn more about the vision, key tenets, real-world use case, new storage environment of O3, participation in the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, and running stateful containers on YARN by reading blogs from earlier in the series.  In today’s […]

It is that time of the year – to call out predictions and trends for the year. The two hot areas that are enabling digital transformation across all industry verticals are IoT and edge computing. Let us look at what to expect in 2019 and beyond for IoT. In this post, I am going to […]

Insurance risk assessment relies on having a rich history of data. The more we know about what happened in the past, the more we can predict risk in the future. But when it comes to the risks and liabilities of connected devices, there isn’t a past to look back on. How can insurers adapt?

At Dataworks Summit in Barcelona, Spain in March 2019, we are pleased to have two innovating and leaders in the industry, Commerzbank and Airbus, share their digital transformation strategy. Commerzbank’s digital transformation strategy is about developing its multi-channel approach to helping global customers.  By updating all its processes, designing new products and services to better […]

It’s not just a new year. It’s a new era. Yesterday we were Hortonworks. Today, with the formal completion of our merger, we are Cloudera –  which is now the second largest open source software company in the world. My personal journey in the Apache Hadoop ecosystem started in early 2006. It all started with […]

1. Motivation The HiveWarehouseConnector (HWC) is an open-source library which provides new interoperability capabilities between Hive and Spark. In practice, Hive and Spark are often leveraged together by companies to provide a scalable infrastructure for data warehousing and data analytics. However, as they both continue to expand their capabilities, interoperability between the two becomes difficult. […]

Organizations commonly use a plethora of data storage and processing systems today. These different systems offer cost-effective performance for their respective use cases. Besides traditional RDBMSs such as Oracle DB, Teradata, or PostgreSQL, teams use Apache Kafka for streams and events data, Apache Druid for real-time series data, and Apache Phoenix for quick index lookups. […]

(This Blogpost is coauthored by Xun Liu and Quan Zhou from Netease). Introduction Hadoop is the most popular open source framework for the distributed processing of large, enterprise data sets. It is heavily used in both on-prem and on-cloud environment. Deep learning is useful for enterprises tasks in the field of speech recognition, image classification, […]

We are excited to announce the release of the first Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) 3 Sandbox. The Hortonworks sandbox is a great way to test drive some of the latest features found in HDP 3. The sandbox, a single node environment, is packed with 100% open-source Apache Projects that will allow you to explore Big […]

Our last few blogs as part of the Kafka Analytics blog series focused on the addition of Kafka Streams to HDP and HDF and how to build, secure, monitor Kafka Streams apps / microservices. In this blog, we focus on the SQL access pattern for Kafka with the new Kafka Hive Integration work. Kafka SQL […]

In last week’s blog Secure and Governed Microservices with HDF/HDP Kafka Streams Support, we walked through how to build microservices with the new Kafka Streams support in HDF 3.3 and HDP 3.1 that is fully integrated with Ranger, Schema Registry and other platform services. This blog is all about monitoring these microservices with Hortonworks Streams Messaging […]

Special thanks to Bill Preachuk and Brandon Wilson for reviewing and providing their expertise Introduction Columnar storage is an often-discussed topic in the big data processing and storage world today – there are hundreds of formats, structures, and optimizations into which you can store your data and even more ways to retrieve it depending on […]

The Why In the previous blog, we talked about the Open Hybrid Architecture. This architecture decouples storage and computation, thus computation tasks need to access various types of storage systems. This requires the ability to mount an external storage volume onto a container so that the container can read/write data just like on a local file […]

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