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Hortonworks Customer

HDP is a rich platform, it’s a very big ecosystem and it gives us the ability to innovate. There’s a wide range of tools on the platform, so it gives our developers lots of choice when it comes to choosing what technologies can help solve their problem.

Elliot West, Principal Systems Engineer

Download Case Study

Download Case Study® provides a service for reserving hotels, B&Bs and other types of commercial lodgings, helping millions of customers around the globe. It offers 90 localized websites in 41 languages and hundreds of thousands of places to stay in more than 200 countries and territories. The company became a part of Expedia, Inc. in 2001.

Business Challenge was finding it difficult to cope with the vast amounts of data coming from a variety of sources through its search engine marketing. The company needed a technology partner able to deliver data analysis at scale, along with helping customers narrow the gap between query and booking stages. Traditional enterprise data warehousing was no longer suitable to sustain the company in its data journey.

Solución decide to move its data management into the scalable world of Hadoop, deploying on HDP. Now almost all data processing at scale has been moved over to the platform. This has involved moving from batch based systems to stream based processing.


Using HDP has generated an open ecosystem for data analysis that fellow analysts and data scientists can now use across the entire organization. Now data can be analyzed on a granular level, including different types of traffic, different kinds of customers, along with the type of devices they use. has gone from analyzing data queries daily to multiple times per day, with the goal of moving towards real-time data streaming in the future.