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Hortonworks Customer

Pinsight Media

Only Hortonworks Data Platform provides both the scale and agility we need to let our clients be more precise in their targeting and more efficient with their ad buys.

Jason Delker, Chief Technology and Data Officer at Pinsight

Pinsight Media + Datameer Case Study

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Pinsight Media is the mobile data company that uses verified, network-level data to fuel intelligent brand decisions. Its data management platform ingests over 60 terabytes of data coming from 65 million devices across multiple mobile network operators. Network-level data provides right-time advertising, capturing those with the highest propensity to respond.

Becoming the Mobile Data Company

Pinsight’s market position as the mobile data company is only possible from the behavioral insights gleaned from mobile data stored in HDP. The integration of HDP creates a single view of user behaviors across mobile devices and operating systems, removing data fragmentation while reducing overhead costs. Pinsight’s ads are personalized, timely, and delivered before users can scroll through a page or close their app.

Premium Mobile Data Through Premium Support

From the beginning of the journey, the Hortonworks professional services team provided its deep subject matter expertise to Pinsight and helped the company launch its HDP cluster. Since then, Hortonworks has helped Pinsight optimize its Lambda architecture for both batch and streaming analysis.

By partnering with Hortonworks and Datameer, Pinsight creates and curates data, distills and sorts information, and elevates strategic knowledge from its massive data lake. The platform provides significant value, helping clients understand new markets, inform decisions, and reach customers in meaningful ways.