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Data Steward Studio de Hortonworks

Comprenda, proteja y controle los datos de todos los data lakes de la empresa

Modernice la gestión de sus datos

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Información general

Data Steward Studio (DSS) is a DataPlane Service that empowers users to understand, secure, and govern data across enterprise data lakes. DSS empowers enterprises to precisely identify and evaluate the integrity of their data in order to securely collaborate and confidently democratize it across the enterprise.

DSS enables enterprises to contextualize knowledge about the data located across hybrid data lakes which empowers them to generate actionable insights and take meaningful actions about their business operations.

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Estudio de administración de datos


Discover and classify data across data lakes

DSS features out-of-the-box profilers that can run as a pipeline of operations on data located across multiple data lakes. Customers can install the profiler agent in a data lake and set up a specific schedule to generate various types of data profiles. DSS empowers data stewards to:

  • Understand enterprise data based on sensitivity and distribution characteristics
  • Get visibility into the number of tables that have been added every day
  • Receive operational metrics including the number of partitions, time of creation, table size, number of rows, input and output format
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Descubra las fuentes de datos en todos los data lakes
Comprenda los datos empresariales

DSS provides all the metadata associated with a particular data asset tracked by Apache Atlas. With DSS, data stewards are able to:

  • Get end-to-end visibility into data provenance, origin, lineage 
and impact
  • Understand how data is created and modified
  • Visualize upstream lineage and downstream impact
  • Discern how schema or data has evolved over time
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Comprenda los datos empresariales
Comply with regulations

DSS displays all the audit events associated with a particular data asset through Apache Ranger. With DSS, internal and external auditors are empowered to:

  • Get visibility into who has accessed which data from a forensic audit or compliance perspective
  • Visualize access patterns, identify anomalies and ensure proper control mechanisms
  • View the most recent raw audit events, as well as summarized views of audits by type of access and access outcome
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Cumpla con la regulación
Ponga los datos de confianza a disposición de la empresa

DSS enables data consumers and stewards to create Asset Collections to group heterogenous data assets based on business definition. Asset Collections can be created based on categories such as customer profiles, sales assets, financials, PII, and HR data. By creating Asset Collections, data stewards and data consumers can:

  • Automatice el uso, la retención y las estrategias de recuperación de datos
  • Organize data into asset collections based on business classifications, purpose, protections and relevance
  • Search data in the data lake using tags, attribute facets, or free text
  • Get an overview of data assets within an asset collection through intuitive dashboards
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Ponga los datos de confianza a disposición de la empresa