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Hortonworks and IBM Team for Analytics Success

Información general

Hortonworks® and IBM® are partnering to give enterprises easy access to the capabilities, scalability and economy of Apache™ Hadoop®. This includes additional governance and security features as well as tools for data federation, advanced query and management of their data. Resulting in an analytic solution that’s open-source, enterprise-ready, and future-proof.

White Paper: Partnership: Power of One
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Partner Applications

Explore data science @ scale

IBM Data Science Experience is an enterprise data science platform that provides teams with the broadest set of open source and data science tools for any skill set, the flexibility to build and deploy anywhere in a multi-cloud environment, and the ability to operationalize data science results faster.

Article: Data Science Makes Insights More Accessible
Data Science

Db2 BigSQL is the only SQL-on-Hadoop solution, with a powerful query engine that extends Apache Hive by providing advantages which helps customers to implement EDW optimization scenarios on their HDP environment:

  • Db2 BigSQL can understand SQL syntax from other vendors and products, including Oracle, IBM Db2 and Netezza. This functionality eases in partial workload or complete offload scenarios from the incumbent databases.
  • Db2 BigSQL provides connectors to federate access to remote data sources such as Teradata, Oracle, DB2, Netezza and more. This functionality enables Db2 BigSQL users to seamlessly access remote data sources without having to implement complex data pipelines, and further helps accelerating time to value for data exploration and data science use cases when dealing with disparate sources of data.
Db2 Big SQL Sandbox