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About the Resource Center

Welcome to the Resource Center. Here you will find links to all of the various resources available on the website.

18.May 2018
seminario web

Hortonworks Data Platform Optimized for Docker Containers – Get Started Today

Although the Docker revolution has made containers mainstream, containerizing big data is challenging because many containerization platforms do not support stateful applications. With the first and only out-of-the-box container-based solution that is certified by Hortonworks to run on the Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP), Robin Systems helps to build an Application-Defined Infrastructure.   Join us to […]

17.May 2018
white paper

Global Data Management

GLOBAL DATA MANAGEMENT: GOVERNANCE, SECURITY AND USEFULNESS IN A HYBRID WORLD​ There is no question that there is a greater, aching desire by organizations to capture data and draw insight from it for a multitude of improvements and innovations in operations, customer service, and even in completely new businesses . That effort has become more […]

17.May 2018
seminario web

Leverage Real-Time IoT Data from the Plant Floor for BI Across the Enterprise

High‑tech manufacturers use sensors to capture data at critical steps in the manufacturing process. This data is useful at the time of manufacture, to detect problems while they are occurring. However, some subtle problems—the “unknown unknowns”—may not be detected at time of manufacture. Nevertheless, those may lead to higher rates of malfunction after the product […]

17.May 2018
seminario web

Interpretation Tool for Genomic Sequencing Data in Clinical Environments

The future of the healthcare industry rests in the promise of collecting, analyzing and taking action on the output of larger amounts of information. From Hortonworks customer, Quanam, we present a tool that assists in the clinical classification of genomic variants and helps in the determination of clinical significance using machine learning approaches and Natural […]

15.May 2018
seminario web

The Federal Executive Forum’s Big Data in Government 2018

The increasing amount of input, changes in processing and the advent of products that have been developed for data analytics make big data of utmost importance to agencies. What are their big data initiatives? Learn how top government executives from NOAA, NASA, National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency and the Army are addressing big data. Also hear from […]

14.May 2018
white paper

Industry Solution Guide for Using Apache NiFi and Attunity Replicate

Many customers use Attunity Replicate to accelerate data movement to Apache NiFi architectures without the need for manual coding. The combined system provides a truly transformational architecture that enables new use cases and innovative applications. Here are a few examples: Network and IT security teams use big data tools to monitoring networks and employee access […]

11.May 2018
seminario web

Hortonworks Premier- Apache Druid

Part of the HDP stack, Apache Druid is an open-source analytics data store designed for business intelligence queries on event data. Druid provides low latency (real-time) data ingestion, flexible data exploration, and fast data aggregation. Existing Druid deployments have scaled to trillions of events and petabytes of data. Apache Superset is a modern, enterprise-ready business […]

11.May 2018
seminario web

IBM+Hortonworks = Transformation of the Big Data Landscape

Last year IBM and Hortonworks jointly announced a strategic and deep partnership. Join us as we take a close look at the partnership accomplishments and the conjoined road ahead with industry-leading analytics offers on the best big data platform Hortonworks.   Starting with the IBM BigInsights customer journey to the HDP platform, this session covers: […]

9.May 2018
seminario web

It’s the Final Countdown to GDPR. Are You Ready?

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the most important change in data privacy regulation in 20 years. After four years of preparation and debate, the GDPR was approved by the EU Parliament on April 14, 2016. And, now the enforcement date: May 25, 2018 is almost here. With penalties for violations up to […]

8.May 2018
press analyst

451 Research Report: Data Everywhere

451 Research Report Reprint – Data Everywhere: The increasing importance of multi-location data management Enterprises are swimming in data, to the extent that identifying what data they have at their disposal , and where it resides across multiple datacenter and cloud providers, is an increasing challenge. This report takes a look at how how enterprises […]

7.May 2018
seminario web

Global Data Management Enables Modern Data Architectures

Global Data Management is critical for successful digital transformation. Enterprises are re-inventing their data management strategies through the effective use of IoT, Big Data, and Machine Learning to launch new digital initiatives. Yet, they struggle to modernize their data architecture due to lack of global data management processes and technologies. Attend this session to hear […]

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