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Welcome to the Future of Big Data
Storage and Analytics

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Together, we can reinvent the enterprise in ways never before imagined.


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Big data keeps growing by the minute. The exponential growth in the number of connected devices fuels the demand for faster handling of large volumes of structured and unstructured data from these devices. The future of big data and analytics supported by Hortonworks allows organizations across industries to instantly mine these data stores for machine learning and other real time applications.

El futuro de los datos en minoristas

Read how the future of data analytics and storage can transform retailers’ capabilities to handle growing customer data and with quantifiable advantages - the ability to drive more revenue, better margins, and greater consumer loyalty.


Unlock your Data

A connected data strategy is key to leverage the future of data analytics and derive maximum value from your data. Does your data platform adhere to these six simple requirements?


Future of Big Data

El presidente de Hortonworks, Rob Bearden, ve un mundo impulsado por una nueva generación de aplicaciones modernas de datos. Cada negocio es una compañía de datos, y los datos son su activo más valioso.

Future of Data Infographic

Data is the future. Businesses need the best strategies to collect, manage and process volumes of customer data from a variety of channels to have the competitive advantage. Learn how Hortonworks supports the future of big data, analytics and storage to transform your business by building efficiencies and delivering real-time actionable intelligence.

Future of big data, analytics and storage - infographic

Blazing Growth Ahead

Data technology and services market is growing at 6x the growth rate of the overall information technology market.

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Why Data Matters to Your Business

Data is vital in running and growing any business


of businesses consider data and analytics to be “vital” to the running of their organizations, with a further 29% deeming it “very important"

Future of big data and analytics generate business revenue


of businesses claim their data is generating revenue within their organizations.

The future of big data analytics adds business value


say there is a business case for investing in exploring new ways to add value through data projects.

Investing in the future of big data increases profitability


say data makes existing services and products more profitable.